Hello! My first blog here!  I would like to discuss about the disadvantages and advantages of being a coda parent. For those who don’t know what coda stands for,  c-children o-of d-deaf a-adult.  Anyway, I am a deaf mother of 4 hearing children, their ages (11,8,6, and 15 months old).  When I first heard of this words, “coda”, I was puzzled and wondered what’s the heck that’s about and what’s so special about that.  I remembered I first heard about deaf kids of hearing adults- I think its called dkoha? I forgot the approriate name for that years ago. I heard of that first before heard about coda. I was not proud nor not thrilled of being labelled as a deaf kid of a hearing adult.  I felt embarassed that my parents are hearing, I have seen that there’s lots of deaf kids from deaf families have lots of advantages due to the communication at any family events.  I came from a big family.  Nobody in my relatives come and talk with me only my aunt who learned some sign language.  No offense to those deaf kids from deaf families. Just want to express my frustration from long time ago.  Today, my parents ask me many times to come to family events, I turned them down all.  Because I knew that I would not enjoy those events with my relatives.  I told my parents that.  They understood that…  That made me wonder, hmm, why not think about the disadvantages and advantages of being a coda parent?  I can only think a couple of advantages/disadvantages. Being a mother of 4 girls, I can’t hear whatever is going on with them in other rooms, they come to me telling me that she did that, she hurt me, etc etc. Hard to decide whoever’s telling the truth! And, nice to get together with other coda parents at coda events so kids understand each other better and they understand our deaf culture a bit more. I’m curious if you have anything to add to disadvantages/advantages of being a coda parent or maybe share your experiences. 

Thanks! A